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Letsharetrip.com - online trip sharing platform in Kazakhstan. It helps solo-travelers to share their trips with other fellow travelers. On the platform one could:

- plan his/her trip before arrival,

- share the cost of the trip,

- select and reserve a seat in the car

- meet other like-minded travelers.

Thus, the platform helps to save money, socialize with other like-minded travelers and book a guaranteed trip.

Текущее состояние

We have developed the website for Kazakhstan. There were several bookings through website for about 1700$.

Also we have developed online partnership service for hotels and hostels in Almaty and signed 35 agreements with them for partnership.


The Central Asia region (also termed the Silk Road region) as an emerging destination is ripe for future tourism development. The region is rich with historical, cultural, and natural beauty that could provide significant utility to many potential visitors.

Our customer is young (18-35) solo - traveler mainly from Europe and USA, who likes adventure and investigate new places.

20.5% more tourists visited Kazakhstan in the first half of 2017 than a year before, according to the statistics. 3 million 600 thousand tourists have chosen Kazakhstan as the final destination. Most of them visited Astana, which is the second most popular destination among the CIS cities.

In 2017 2,930,200 tourists visited Kyrgyzstan. In 2018, the British Backpacker Society ranked Kyrgyzstan as the fifth best adventure travel destination on earth, stating that the country was an adventure travel secret that is "bound to get out soon.

Number of tourists, who visited Uzbekistan in 2017, exceeded 2.52 million, which is 24.3% higher than in 2016. At the same time, export of tourist services increased by 24% compared to 2016 to US$1.557 billion.

Проблема или Возможность

Our online platform is developed for solo-travelers and backpackers, who would like to share trips in Central Asia with other like-minded travelers. Kazakhstan and Central Asia have many beautiful natural sites, however, the travelers face many problems to get these places, especially due to remoteness, bad roads, lack of public transportation and language barrier.

Our platform assists the traveller to select the trip, date, book his/her seat in the car and see who is traveling with him (name, age, gender, country). He/she could join the existing group or he may create new group according his preferences.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

Our platform helps the solo traveller to decrease the cost of the trip, meet new people, have fun during the trips by giving the opportunity the traveller to share the trips.

Besides, as the tour company implements the trips we guarantee the trip runs on scheduled day and safety during the trips.


We do not have direct competitors, only traditional tour agencies in Central Asia. and such websites like Indy-Guide.com and Caravanistan.com that brings together travelers and guides.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

The advantage of the platform is that it provides the solo-travelers with tools to plan and share their trips with other like-minded travelers.


The average commission that takes the platform from the tour agencies is 35$ per person. We expect to earn next 3 years about 600,000$.


1. Consumer segments:
Individuals with average and above average income:
- Men
- Women

- Backpackers
- Tourists are foreigners
- Russian speaking tourists
- Central Asian expats
- Local students (who want to learn languages)
- Everyone who wants to learn ang. Language
- Foreign students
- Tourists of Kazakhstan

- Europe
- Australia and New Zealand
- Foreigners in the UAE
- Hong Kong
- dr.

- 20-35 years
- 35-55 years
- over 55 years

2. Value Propositions:
For individual customers:

- You plan your trip online
- Share the cost of a tourist trip
- You can choose with whom to eat
- Acceptable price
- Select the date of the tourist trip
- Networking (new acquaintances)
- Join an English speaking group
- Traveling with a group
- you know who to eat
- English-speaking trip leader
- You can choose a place in the car
- All inclusive
- Online payment
- Interesting tours
- Discover the local culture
- Ability to choose vegetarian food
- Professional staff

3. Sales Channels Status
Sales Department (Call Center) +
Sales office (outlets) -
Wholesale -
Affiliate Sales +
Telemarketing +
Internet sales (online store) +

4. Customer Relations:
- Search availability
- Usability
- Communication (FAQ)
- Reservations available
- Feedback about payment
- Ability to control the formation of the group
- Receiving newsletters
- Fence from the place of residence
- Possibility of transfer from the airport
- pickup from the airport
- Delivery to the place of collection
- Tour
- Transfer to the place of residence
- Collect feedback
- loyalty program

5. Revenue Flows:

Form of payment:
1. Individuals
- Online payments (epay)
- cash
- Card
- Payment by phone
- Translation
Terms of payment:
1. Individuals
- 100% prepayment
- Cashback
Loyalty program:
1. Individuals
- Discounts
- Presents
- Customer Card
- Cumulative card
- Payment for tours
- Advertising on the website
- Affiliate program

6. Key resources required
- Office
- Staff (IT)
- Office equipment, software
- Server
- Means of communication (IT telephony)
- Investments
- Split accounts
- Volunteers (students)

7. Key Activities
The company "LETSHARETRIP" provides online booking services, organizing and conducting tours for foreign tourists and local residents
- Online tour booking
- Tour booking aggregator

8. Key Partners
1 Direct partners:
- Hostels
- Hotels
- Travel agencies
- Community expats
- Airport
- Pubs
- Coffee houses
- Event Agencies
- International universities
- Embassies
- International organizations
- Railway stations
- Bus stations
- Sports communities
- Museums
- Sights
- Creative sites (Kazakhstan and Central Asia)
- Banks
2 Suppliers of consumables and inventory:
3 Service Providers:
- Guides
- Drivers
- Airlines
- media (online, print)
- Public
- Forums
- City Pass
- Kisit Almaty
4 Providers for administrative expenses:
- office expenses
- stationery
- office equipment
- nutrition

9. Cost Structure
Cost price:
- Advertising site (online media)
- Promotion on the Internet, social networks
- Outdoor advertising
- Handouts (+)
Administrative expenses:
- Office rent
- Salary employees
- Expenses for communication, Internet
- Payment to partners
- Fare
- Administrative expenses

Целевое назначение инвестиций

We need investments mainly for promotion and marketing in European Union and USA and hiring new staff across Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Предложение инвестору

We offer to investor 25-30% of the project share.

Команда или Руководство


The risks are: increased number of competitors, some terrorists attacks that worsens the peaceful reputation of the region, government's interference into the tourism development.

Прохождение Инкубационных/Акселерационных программ

We haven't participated in any acceleration program.

Победы в Конкурсах и другие награды

We haven't won any competition yet as we haven't participated in any competition or contest.


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